Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Move over Martha Stewart

The day before Thanksgiving was busy. The kids didn't have school so I had them working hard preparing most of the Thanksgiving dinner. They love to be in the kitchen and we have lots of fun cooking and baking.

Taylor loves to bake. She made a cherry pie, pumpkin pie, and sugar cookies.

Tanealya helped decorate the cookies,

Riley mixed the frog salad,
Aiden tore the bread for the dressing.

On Thanksgiving day we went over to Tim and Sabrina's for dessert. Taylor even made another pie, pumpkin cheese cake pie. It was really good.

The kids love it when Uncle Aaron comes home. They love to play games with him.
Aiden looks on while Aaron and Riley play a game.

Our Thanksgiving was great.
Hope Everyone else had a great day.

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Tracie said...

Yum. Those pies look great. So do those cookies. Wish we could have been there to help eat everything. Looks like it was a great day!